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July 29, 2015
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Why Ambarella Will Trade Right Back to $90 — on its Way Much Lower — In the Company’s Own Words

Posted in Citron Reports by Stocklemon on the July 29th, 2015

Update for Cramer and his viewers:


A Must Read for Every CNBC Watcher:  

Citron Explains “Ridiculousness” — Read and heed Ambarella's disclosures

One month ago, when Ambarella’s (NASDAQ:AMBA) stock hit $125, Citron Research published a thoughtful note about the overdone run-up in Ambarella stock, pointing out how investor enthusiasm had become detached from reality.  As the stock sold off to levels, which were still inflated, but less ridiculous, a circus of pundits, and especially Jim Cramer, started to pound the table.

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Top 10 Reasons why Zillow Breaks $40

Posted in Citron Reports by Stocklemon on the July 24th, 2015

TrueCar and Bankrate Tell Us how Wall Street Values Lead Generation Businesses


Citron Research has been skeptical of Zillow (NASDAQ:Z) for some time now.  We first reported on the company in 2012, with frequent updates.  Three years later, with no real profits to show and endless amounts of insider selling, plus round after round of lowered guidance, Citron believes that this sucker is finally ready to break, as the company has run out of tricks and finally has to show profits.  

The only question is how low will it go?  

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