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October 31, 2014
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USANA: It’s Never a Problem Until It’s a Problem

Posted in Citron Reports by Stocklemon on the July 15th, 2014

USANA’s MLM Scheme in China is now National News.

When word of the Chinese Government investigation of Nu Skin hit the People's Daily, the stock fell in half.  Does the same fate await Usana (NYSE:USNA) ?

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BofI — The Worst Is Yet to Come

Posted in Citron Reports by Stocklemon on the July 8th, 2014

BOFI:  Can’t Anyone Connect the Dots?

Bank of the Internet (NASDAQ:BOFI) has been a controversial stock of late, with momentum investors taking long positions, while bloggers point out its rich valuation relative to peers.  The stock has nearly tripled since the beginning of 2013. 

But things have changed – for the worse.  Citron believes that many investors in the stock may have missed recent developments which have huge implications on the future of the BOFI.  

Citron believes that a powerful negative near-term catalyst is going to cause a reevaluation of this high-flying bank stock, and when that happens, all investors should take note. 

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