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May 22, 2015
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GoPro to $30 Within 12 Months — The Comps Wall Street Isn’t Talking About

Posted in Citron Reports by Stocklemon on the November 4th, 2014

Citron Debunks the Hardware plus Media Story with Spot-On Comps

Over the past month Citron has read over 100 articles and analyst comments about GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO), both positive and negative. To date, not a single commentator or analyst has laid out the truth regarding this company's promotional "we're a media company" story.  

Citron decisively documents the irreconcilable gap between the most optimistic conceivable valuation that this company can ever command, and the current stock price.

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The Fraud At Textura

Posted in Citron Reports by Stocklemon on the September 29th, 2014

Target Price — 12 Months = $4

In December of 2013, Citron Research introduced readers to Textura Corp. (NASDAQ:TXTR), documenting the CEO’s history of fraud and failed businesses, and a shadowy weave of poorly disclosed insider relationships.  In its last three quarters, Textura has missed analyst expectations and continues as a wannabe in the SaaS space.  Ignoring scant earnings results, the analysts have stood by their unfounded optimistic forecasts.  

If you are a Textura shareholder and you are a custodian of someone else’s money, you are obligated to read this report. We have done the homework that NONE of the analysts have done, and in this report we spill the truth about this “investment”.  What you are about to read is not the opinion of Citron, it is FACT. We have hired consultants with genuine expertise and years of experience in construction management to prove that management of Textura is committing FRAUD on the investing public.  Yes, we said fraud, and we would love to prove it in a Court of Law.

Finally, we document a recent lawsuit that is the nightmare of every Textura CPM subscriber, a case of Subcontractor vs General Contractor, disputing the one thing Textura's flagship CPM product is supposed to process:  a lawsuit-free payments ecosystem.

For the Rest of the Story You Won't Read Anywhere Else, Click Here…

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