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Nov. 15, 2015
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Questcor is Deceiving the FDA and Investors

Posted in Citron Reports by Stocklemon on the March 14th, 2014


Citron Reports Further Results from Laboratory Testing:

Questcor is Deceiving the FDA and Investors


H.P. Acthar Gel’s Specified Active Ingredient Less Than 20% of the Label Specification

Bioactivity of Deamidated Hormone Fragment Far Lower than Pure ACTH

The FDA has been Notified

Citron reports on further lab data submitted to FDA, that the contents Questcor's only revenue-generating drug product, H.P. Acthar Gel, does not match its label or the official product insert the label.  Questcor spins one story for Wall Street, and another for the medical community, but the regulatory risk here cannot be overstated.  

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